Choose to Thrive, At Work and In Life

Learn 10 proven steps to thriving, at work and in life. Life is too short to live less than a full, and fulfilling experience. Learn how to make the most of life, and how to get beyond ‘work/life balance’ and into living fully and authentically, whatever the setting. We adopt a mindset of either surviving or thriving at different moments of our lives. This book will help you to thrive more often, and live the kind of life you once dreamed about. It’s all about how we look at life and the decisions we make for ourselves. Learn to make better decisions, and join the thrive tribe! Written by trainer, coach and writer Paul Mallory, based on many years of putting the principles into practice.

Connections (Paperback & Kindle)

A collection of short stories with a spiritual dimension (‘adventures in spirit’).

Paul Mallory is a writer, coach, speaker and trainer, with a passion for personal growth and learning. Paul’s company, Soul Work Limited, is dedicated to helping people to ‘do what you love, love what you do’, in work and in life.