Quality of Life

What are the practices and perspectives that contribute to my quality of life?

People often talk about work/life balance. I realised one day (in middle age) that my work life is a huge percentage of my time on earth, and that I wanted my life to be as meaningful, contributory and joyful as I could make it. The key for me is to have work that feels like I am using my gifts to the full, and making a difference. That’s when I formed my company, Soul Work, to coach people on finding more fulfilment at work.


I am fortunate to have re-married and found happiness with my second wife. We made the decision to fully commit to one another, and to do so publicly in a marriage ceremony. We called it ‘crossing the bridge’, and there is nothing like full-blown, all-out commitment to bring a stability and a sense of adventure to life.


I have four beautiful, bright, happy and hilarious children, ranging from a young online entrepreneur to a high school sixth-former. These are my favourite people in the world, and they are the people who bring joy to my weekends and through their aspirations and achievements, some huge, some tiny. They come before everything else for me, but I also realised that to support, mentor and make them happy, I needed to be happy in myself and that I therefore needed to feel good about myself and find fulfilment in my work.


I am happiest when I feel ‘on-purpose’, i.e. that my daily work is me being who I authentically am, at my core, and using my unique strengths for the benefit of others. When we’re lost in our work, we are ‘in flow’, and that’s a great feeling. I formed my company ‘Soul Work’ to research the question of how we can increase our fulfilment at work, by either changing our mindset around our current role, or by finding a new role that allows the possibility of alignment to our life purpose.

Self Awareness, Perspective and Life-Long Learning

My voracious reading habit has, over the years, opened the door for me to life-changing ideas. Practice these, and quality of life increases exponentially. Major influences have been Stephen Covey’s ‘7 habits of highly effective people’, Eckhart Tolle’s ‘Power of Now’, ‘Conversations with God’ by Neale Donald Walsch, and much of Anthony Robbins’ material, along with a number of ideas founded in buddhist philosophy.

I can never understand people who are unwilling to admit there is something they don’t know. I feel that the more I learn, the more I uncover to be learned. After all, the universe is infinite… and is still expanding! How can we know it all? Lifelong learning as a philosophy and a habit brings joy and curiosity to my life.


I play the guitar, and it’s a great way to change state and get into a whole other mood. I also love to listen to music, wherever I am. Music comes from and touches the spirit. If there is more to life than material reward, paying the bills and trying to stay ahead, then music, art.

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