To be or not to be – be here now!

To be or not to be – that is the question.

It was William Shakespeare’s Hamlet who posed this question to himself. Hamlet was pondering whether to continue his life or to end it; to exist, or not to exist.

It may seem a ridiculous thing to say, but each of us chooses to be or not to be every day of our lives. Not consciously, of course. But consider that in the UK alone, over 6,000 people took their own lives last year. That’s 16 people every day of the year. So even by not being one of those 6,000 people, we are choosing to be. We always have a choice, whether we are conscious of that choice or not. And even when it feels like we are in a position where the odds are stacked against us and we really have no choice at all about our course of action, we still choose our attitude, our outlook, and ultimately whether to be, or not. Generally, the survival instinct in humans is a powerful one, and we will struggle and fight, sometimes with astounding superhuman strength, to continue to be.

Given that we choose to live in this life, and fight so hard to continue to do so, and often feel so devastated that the choice to be is being taken away from us by illness, disease or tragic accident, we sometimes feel deep down that merely ‘to be’ is not enough. Choosing to merely survive leaves us feeling a bit empty, with a sense that ‘there must be more to it than this’, as we go about earning a living and paying the bills.

We always have a choice. And choosing to merely exist, or choosing to really live life, is a key choice we make, every day of the week.

Choose to live, choose to thrive, ask yourself in the morning when you rise, ‘what shall I make of this day?’ Say yes to new experiences, create a life that crackles with energy and excitement!


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