When you look around you at the people in your organisation, what do you see? Do you see people who are confidently leading your organisation to a brighter future? Do you see a thriving workforce?

It is very likely that only around 20% of the people you work with freely give their time, creativity, energy and knowledge to their work.

We tackle that huge untapped opportunity to greatly increase the financial results of your organisation, so creating a more purposeful and successful workplace. Soul Work has developed  the Thrive Workshop© to help people adopt a thrive mindset.

trainingThere are six steps in the Thrive Workshop© and we deliver this to groups of maximum 12 people, by means of interactive exercises, so that they achieve the following outcomes from these steps themselves, under the guidance of a highly experienced facilitator:

The 6 steps of the Thrive Workshop©

Awareness“I sometimes merely survive”
Empowerment“I am able to choose my mindset”
Imperative“Thriving is a must for my life”
Commitment“I commit myself to thriving” (private, then public)
Enablement“I have the tools, techniques, support I need, for sustainable mindset change”
Activation“I have begun to implement mind-set and behaviour change, I am sustaining and embedding it”

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consultancyWe bring outstanding business expertise and 35 years of experience in commercial and contract management to help your team succeed.

We provide consultancy in:

Commercial and contract management
Training, coaching and personal development

Resulting in:

Better negotiation
Better contract management throughout the contract lifecycle
More sales
Better business
Better financial results

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coachingEmploying a simple 4-step coaching process, we work together to achieve your goals:

1. What do you want?
We get clarity on what you’re aiming for.

2. What do you have today?
We stock-check your resources.

3. How might you be in future?
We look at how you’d like things to be different.

4. What will you do?
Time to take action, supported fully by your coach!

What is coaching?

A series of powerful conversations that open up new possibilities and enable change, so that you get more from life.

Who sets the agenda?

You do. With the support of your coach, you decide what a successful life means to you, and we go after that, on your terms.

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It’s one thing to know your subject, it’s quite another to be able to engage, energise and enthuse an audience to care about what you have to say!

We provide a keynote speaker with the presence, experience and skill to make your next conference an unforgettable experience that achieves the business results you need.

Whether you need a motivational  speech delivered with passion, or facilitation of an interactive and dynamic session at your conference, we specialise in getting results.

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Introducing the ‘Living on Purpose’ Teleclasses Live Programme.

A 3-Week Teleclass Programme for Bringing Success and Fulfilment into Your Life

In just three weeks, you’ll receive all the information, tools and resources you’ll need to begin truly ‘Living on Purpose’, and finding more success and fulfilment in your life. To a large extent, how successful you are is down to you. The good news is, once you are aware of this, there is a huge amount you can do to get more from life and really transform your experience.

Join us for this exciting and inspiring series of teleclasses and we’ll show you how!

One of the unique features of this format is that we will bring in the views and experiences of your fellow participants in the class, so not only will you hear the views and points delivered by your teleclass leader, you will also benefit from the thoughts of others who are on their own journey. This leads to a rich and memorable experience.

This teleclass series has been designed to provide a natural progression through three teleclass sessions, each building on the content of the last. However, if you decide that you only need one or two, feel free to register for the sessions of most interest and benefit to you.

teleclassesNumbers are strictly limited for these teleclasses. Register now to secure your place.

Teleclass 1: ‘Finding your purpose/vision’
Teleclass 2:  ‘Goal Setting’
Teleclass 3:  ‘Ensuring Success’

Teleclasses are affordable and convenient. All you need is a phone and an hour of time for the teleclass.

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